Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Smith Rock

Mark and I went out to smith rock to do some climbing this past weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful, often sunny and a bit hot, but who can complain.
We headed out on Saturday morning, climbed for a while, slept in our tents on Saturday night, and then climbed again on Sunday. I didn't bring my camera the first day so that I wouldn't be constantly thinking about taking photos. I just trusted in the idea that the weather would probably hold to take photos on the 2nd day. I wanted to be sure to experience it before trying to record it.
Smith is a striking place. The rocks and surroundings are just lovely, as you'll see from the photos. They don't capture the enormity and complexity of it, though.
The people were also great. On Saturday night, we hung out in a pub, had some dinner and just chatted for a few hours. There are some great folks in the Portland climbing community.
There were even some horses :)
Small versions of a couple of the best photos are below, but there are more high resolution photos. Check them out. If you want to see even more, there are some repetitive and less interesting photos here.


This is me:

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