Monday, August 8, 2005

So Much Writing!

I have not been doing enough hacking, or blogging lately in part because I've been doing so much other writing.
I've got one paper and one demo at the upcoming ICFP-related workshops in Estonia.
The demo is at the Haskell Workshop, and is a presentation on the filesystem I've been working on at Galois; it's written in Haskell.
The paper is at Trends in Functional Programming and it's on The Haskell Cabal.
I also have been doing book reviews. I mentioned a review on a book called Codex recently, and I wrote a review for The Journal of Functional Programming but it hasn't been published yet, and I'm writing on for Matt Curtin's new book, Brute Force but I'm not quite done with that one. Of course linkage will be forthcoming when it's available.
Also my damn gateway laptop is having screen flicker again. It's already been fixed 4 times for this same issue. That is very lame.  

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