Monday, January 1, 2007

Cycling Fun and Pictures of Oregon

I've been having a nice vacation from work over the last week. In Portland, the weather has been pretty darn good, and I've been doing a lot of cycling. I rode up two of Portland's extinct volcanos, Rocky Butte (which is also a climbing area) and Mount Tabor, where my friend Jenn thinks she might get married. Speaking of Jenn, I also biked up and over the hills of Washington Park to go visit her place the other day.
I also did some biking in Forest Park (pictured below) with Phil, who was visiting this week. I had a great time with Phil. We talked a lot about books, and played an epic game of Risk for new years. It was awesome. I've never played Risk before. Phil is lots of fun, it's great when old friends visit :)
And now for some pictures of Oregon.
This is Beacon Rock (actually, I have to admit that it's in Washington). Heres me climbing it:
And my friend Dan, which gives more of a perspective view:
Here's Anna at an Oregon vineyard. Oregon has lovely vineyards and good beer :)
Here's Forest Park, previously pictured on this blog:
And back by popular demand, a picture of my cat. He is clearly very clever:

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