Saturday, September 29, 2007

Portland, Columbus, Tickets, etc.

Just a collection of stuff I've read on the internet:
  • From the NYTimes, Portland is a great place for restaurants: "Every little neighborhood in this city of funky neighborhoods now seems to be exploding with restaurants, food shops and markets, all benefiting from a critical mass of passion, skill and experience, and all constructed according to the gospel of locally grown ingredients. ... World-class wine is produced in the Willamette Valley, the center of the Oregon wine industry, just a half hour’s drive away. Portland has six micro-distilleries making any kind of spirits you can name and, if you’d like a chaser, more breweries than any other city on earth. Just as important is a receptive populace, demanding yet eager to be wowed."
  • In Columbus news, here's an NYTimes Article about the Drexel Theater.
  • Whining drivers: It's no surprise that there are forums on the internet where you can whine about getting a traffic ticket, but thanks to reddit, I came across one by cops and for cops where cops can whine about how unfair it is that they should get any kind of tickets instead of being shown "professional courtesy". Oh it's so not fair! Why should the rules apply to them?!
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