Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cyclocross, October 14th

I just got home from my second ever cyclocross race! I mentioned my last race here. This time I actually snapped some lame photos with my cameraphone, so scroll down for that, as well as some YouTube videos from last year's Portland cross races :)

I feel like I biked really strongly this time. On my last cross race and my road race on Tabor, I felt like I didn't ride as well, partly because I didn't know when I was on my last lap, and wasn't really able to plan my energy well. With some help from Dylan on the sidelines, and from my bike computer, I actually knew when the last lap was today, and I actually planned a sprint at the end, which put me in front of several other riders.

I don't know the results yet, but I'll post an update when I find out. [UPDATE: I came in 34/104. I'm pretty pleased with being in the upper 1/3 :) ]

You'll see from the photos that there was a mountain unicycle division! I was totally amazed at those folks. They did only one lap, but it looked very challenging on one wheel.

Dylan and I rode in different divisions, so I got some photos of him, but none of me. Here's Dylan riding up a hill. He and I both enjoyed the hills because we train on hills pretty regularly biking between home & work. Lots of people were actually dismounting on the hills and we were both passing people a lot :)

There was an entire category of Mountain Unicycles!! I think at least 10 of them!

More photos here.
Here's a video that explains cyclocross, and Portland's cyclocross series:

And this video is last year's version of the course I rode today. There wasn't anything quite this tricky on today's race :)

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