Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bike Snob vs. Bike Portland, New Bikes, and Bike Racing. Also, Bikes.

Yesterday, Bike Snob NYC made fun of the Portland-area Michael Jackson memorial ride documented at Bike Portland. Obviously, Jonathan Maus over at BikePortland and Bike Snob NYC should become arch-nemeses: They are both bloggers and both cyclists. One in Portland, one in New York (opposite cities on opposite sides of the country). One is super sincere, positive, and helpful, the other is sarcastic and hilarious. Jonathan even "challenged" the snob to "a super-kitchy BikeSnobNYC-themed ride."

In other news, I'm very excited because Demetry at Veloce Bicycles worked with Torelli to replace my cracked steel Torelli cross bike. I really wasn't expecting anyone to be so helpful, and Demetry really went to bat for me. Thanks, @Veloce! I ended up with a really good deal on this bike, a single-speed Tipo Uno.

Also, I raced on Mt. Tabor again last week, and got my butt kicked again, but it was fun. I was thinking that my Lemond cyclocross bike isn't ideal for racing Tabor, but then I saw a guy in the Sr. Men's with exactly the same bike! Sweet. Here's the Tipo Uno:

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